Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the video be?

We recommend creating a video that is two to three minutes long. Often, less is actually more. You can record up to five minutes and review your video by clicking the play button.


What if I have difficulty recording my video?

Please contact Paul Kaplan via email ( or 414.418.6691 during normal business hours. He’ll troubleshoot the problem with you.


What if 7 Thank Yous is unable to locate the person I’d like to thank?

We have an extensive national database; however, occasions arise when we are unable to find a person. Perhaps he or she has passed away or is living off the grid. In these instances, we will offer a full refund or the opportunity to contact an alternative individual who you want to thank.


Will I have the chance to review the edited video recording and thank-you letter before they are sent?

Yes. We will send you a link to the recording and a copy of the thank-you letter. Please review them within 48 hours of receipt. You can also review your recording right away by pushing the play button on the center of your screen.


How long is the process?

After we receive your video and all of your photo assets, your Thank You should be sent and received within two to three weeks. The “Simple Thank You” package can be sent in one to two weeks.


What if I have no photos to include in my video?

If you have no pictures of the person you’d like to thank, then we suggest you search for and download appropriate photos from social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can also use stock photography of a relevant location or institution (college, high school or place of work) if they will help tell your story.

 Can I choose my own music for my video?

7 Thank Yous will choose music that is legally cleared and licensed. We take special care in ensuring the music matches the emotional tone of your video.